There’s a training misinterpretation that often happens – even in more advanced students, which is:

Not getting the big picture of what you are doing. Both in exercises and techniques.

If you are doing an exercise or technique “blindly”, because that’s what needs to be done and what it’s taught on the training, then you are losing the big picture.

When I mention “blindly” is related to not really understanding it, and – most importantly – feeling its impact.

It’s not about doing it automatically (which is a different problem in itself as we’ve seen before), it’s about NOT understanding what you are doing and NOT feeling its impact.

In the beginning of the training, this is fairly expected.

After all, it’s a whole new world which is opening up that you had no awareness. So, not yet grasping the big picture is expected.

But, once you reach a certain level of understanding and awareness, the exercises need to be done with the awareness of what exactly are they doing and why they are important.

Otherwise, the exercises transform into some sort of dogmatic ritual to be done just for the sake of doing, or because some “high authority” has determined.

That’s not the way we do our trainings in Charisma School.

There are no dogmas or beliefs you have to accept blindly. It’s important you think and feel everything for yourself.

Doing it just for the sake of doing will not bring many benefits in any kind of energy training.

When this is the case, you also lose the ability to troubleshoot any problems you might have in your training, which is often related to a particular exercise, technique or even understanding or awareness.

If a certain problem keeps popping up, but you keep doing everything the way you’ve always done, as you might expect, the problem will keep repeating.

It’s often necessary to go back to the very foundational exercises and it’s understanding.

This type of “going back” is what allows me to keep learning even from exercises that I’m doing for many years!

I wish I could tell you that I know everything that is possible to learn from exercise X or Y, but that’s not the case. Even after decades of doing them, I can still find new experiences from them.

That’s the result of not doing the exercises “blindly”, just for the sake of doing them. And this is also what I recommend to you.

As always, all Charisma School students have full training support precisely because of these issues. We don’t want anyone left confused about any of the exercises and techniques.