Do you have a gift for energy work?

Here’s an interesting question from a reader:

“Do you need a special gift for energy work and magnetism?”

By special gift you are probably meaning any pre-disposition to energy work that will boost you along.

Similar to being a psychic from birth or something like that.

The real answer is: it can certainly help!

Those who have some predisposition to energy work will certainly evolve faster and easier than those who don’t.

If you can easily feel the energy and its realities from early on in your life, doing this type of work will be faster.

You’ll accomplish most of the exercises easily. I’ve met some students with genuine easiness in this, due, for sure, to a previous hidden ability.

Their evolution in the magnetic path was a lot easier.

With that said… I don’t consider I have ANY sort of gift for energy work or “genetic” psychic abilities of any kind.

Everything I currently am and developed, I worked (very) hard for it.

No “genetic” help. No help from any gifts. No help from the “angels”.

Just plain, old fashioned hard work.

In the beginning of my training I would feel bad for not having a “special gift” for this.

Later on, I learned to appreciate this reality.

It made me develop a stronger will since you know everything you accomplish is through your own means, no help.

The most interesting scenario I found is that people with this sort of gift, tend to quit a lot easier than those who are used to work hard for it.

Those without a gift learn to push their Will from day 1, while those with a gift have a sort of a highway until a certain point of the path.

But, at some moment, it does get harder and they are not used to use their Will that much, so this is where it’s easy to give up.

You easily see this on the Tratak training of Concentration and Mind Control. Any gift will only help you halfway. The rest of the path is hard for everyone.

If you have started using your Will, all of the path tends to be a slow build-up. You don’t notice THAT much of change of your efforts.

While if you have been relying on your gifts from the beginning, you reach halfway and when you’ll actually need a REAL effort, then it will be a big leap from what you are used to.

As you can realize, there are advantages and disadvantages in both scenarios. So, my mindset has always been: work with what you’ve got!

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