Do you have a strong energy with others?

In all interactions, there’s always someone with a stronger energy and another with a weaker energy. The stronger energy isn’t necessarily the one who talks louder and with larger movements.He can be quiet, yet you know he has the stronger energy. Think about a CEO sitting his chair, when someone else is making a presentation to him, hoping to get his investment.

Although he is quiet, everyone in the room, knows – and feels – that his energy is stronger than the presenter.

He is just standing his ground, completely comfortable in his own skin and so, his energy is strong.

As you know, this doesn’t only happens in these kind of obvious environments where this is a boss or someone with power in the room. This happens in all kinds of interactions, even those in your everday life, such as a coffee shop or a casual street encounters.

Start to notice this in your own interactions. Who has the stronger energy?

Remember, this is something you can feel. It’s often easier to notice this when you are outside of the interactions. You can be more objective in your observations.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that the person with the stronger energy is speaking louder, using more movements. He can be still and not say a word. But does he have a stronger energy nonetheless?

As you develop your sensitivity to feeling the energy of others, you can also recognize your own.

How strong is your energy habitually?

Needless to say that if your energy is weaker in more than 50% of your interactions, you are cultivating a habit of being the weakest person on any interaction.

If your energy is stronger in most of the interactions, then you are cultivating your ability to influence and attract.

To increase the power you have in interactions of your everyday life, check out Magnetic Interactions:

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