Do You Have Anxiety on Social Situations?

There’s a common problem that affects many people who dabble into these kind of influence, magnetism, charisma and inner power techniques.Maybe it affects you too.

Often times, when we are in social situations, we forget about everything we learned before.

So, we are not able to use the techniques we learned simply because we don’t remind ourselves to use them.

That’s a very common problem that affects at least 40% of the students.

But fortunately, this is something we can deal with.

Most of the times, it’s related to two issues:

1) The anxiety provoked by social situations where you were planning to use some tool or technique.

2) The lack of internal awareness. In other words, not being conscious of your thoughts, actions and behaviors.

If you only get this problem in social situations and you have no trouble reminding yourself of applying any technique when you are alone during your day, most likely the cause is number 1.

If you get it in both types of situations (social and alone), then the cause is number 2 (although it doesn’t exclude number 1)

The lack of internal awareness can be a result of a weak concentration or living too much on the “outside”.

Anxiety in social situations is a common problem and it’s very often originated in a lack of inner power. Consciously or unconsciously, you are giving your inner power to others.

The good news is that both of these issues can be taken care of!

They are both handled in the 10 Steps to Inner Power training. Check it here:

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