Do You Have Energy Blocks?

Here’s a question from a reader of this newsletter:“What exactly are energy blocks? How do we know they are there?”

It’s not the first time I write about this topic, but it’s often important to re-phrase similar concepts to make sure everyone truly understands it.

With energy blocks, if you’re not “energetically awaken” it’s hard to understand what they are and
identify them.

“Energetically awaken” doesn’t mean anything esoteric or even spiritual. Anyone can get there just by doing a few exercises we share in Charisma School courses.

It simply means that you can recognize the energy body and the movements of different types of energy
in your body.

It’s a different type of awareness. Just like you can feel when you are cold or hot, you can also
feel different types of energy.

It’s all about practice with the right exercises.

This energy moves and circulate through your body (and beyond).

Energy blocks are like knots in the energetic highways. They don’t allow the energy to move from point A to point B. They congest the whole system.

This can have quite drastic consequences. For example, if you have a strong energy block that doesn’t allow your sexual energy to circulate when you are talking with an attractive person, what can happen is becoming nervous, choking (the famous “knot in the throat”), among others.

Most people have energy blocks yet they never really know they are there or do anything to release them.

Once you discover where they are and how to release them, a whole new world of possibilities opens up!

Become “energetically awaken” and release your sexual energy blocks with the training course Sexual Energy Mastery:

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