Do you have sexual magnetism?

It’s not that hard to understand if you have sexual magnetism or not.

You don’t even need to feel anything inside or be proficient at feeling energy. That’s for the change and development.

But to know if you have it or not, you just need to look at your relationships and overall interactions with others.

If people are frequently sexually attracted to you, then you know your sexual magnetism is strong.

You can also look at your past events.

Is it always easy for you to find a new girlfriend or boyfriend?

Other people’s behaviors toward you are the best way to understand your own magnetism.

Anyone can be extremely sexual magnetic alone in their own house. You can do dozens of exercises and feel all mighty and powerful – when you are alone.

The problem is when others are involved.

Interactions with others are the true test and the true practice for your skills. Of course, at home practices are essential, but you can’t neglect the outside interactions.

Only in those interactions will you know what you have to work with. When you are interacting with someone you find attractive, you’ll be able to notice what happens inside and how your energy is moving.

You’ll realize that it’s radically different to what happens when you are home alone.

And that’s perfectly normal!

Then you know what you need to work with.

It’s impossible to develop any kind of sexual magnetism without ever interacting with someone. It’s not like you can go on a retreat like a hermit for 3 months and come back a sexual magnet.

(Although if that retreat involves a lot of contact with the opposite sex, it will be different)

But the first step is always to honestly evaluate where you stand and what is your current level of sexual magnetism.

You can quickly (and freely!) evaluate your level of sexual magnetism in a more quantifiable way with the Personal Magnetism Assessment where one of the evaluated dimensions is precisely sexual magnetism.

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