Do you have to be intelligent to be charismatic?

Here’s a question from a reader:

“How does intelligence affects charisma?”

Intelligence works on the same way as looks. Sure, it can help, but it’s not a deciding factor on whether you are magnetic or not.

But as you are probably aware, intelligence can also be a loose concept, especially if you fit in there all the emotional concepts, imagination, self-awareness and so on.

So one area of your intelligence can be very well define, let’s say empathy and emotional mastery, while the capacity for abstract thought and logic can be impaired.

On this case, since your empathy is highly developed, most likely your communication skills are too.

And in this way, it will probably be easier for you to develop magnetic interactions with someone, increasing your own natural charisma.

If your empathy and emotional mastery are not very good, but if your concentration is off the charts, then you also have an edge in developing the Magnetic Gaze for example.

So, depending on what areas of your natural intelligence you are more developed, it may bring advantages to your charisma and personal magnetism.

And we all have some areas more developed than others that we can use in our own magnetic training.

It’s all about working with our strengths!

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