If you have a friend that keeps saying he will do something and then doesn’t do it, what happens?

Maybe it’s something that he promised to do for you, or even said he was going to do something for himself.

He says he is going to do something, and always ends up not doing it.

Most likely after a while you get tired of listening to him and no longer pay any attention to what he says.

It’s normal.

I have friends like that and this is inevitably what happens. Whatever he or she says, I don’t count on it.

I know they are only empty words.

If you’re one of those persons, then you might consider changing that trait, since people won’t take you seriously when you speak.

But, the most problematic situation is when you do it with yourself.

You say you are going to do something and you don’t do it.

Even if no one else hears it and it’s only inside your head, it doesn’t matter. It can be only your inner voice or out loud.

The effect is the same as if it’s with someone else. But instead of being your friend that doesn’t count on you, it’s your own mind.

After a while of saying things without doing them, your mind starts not caring about what you say to yourself or what you promise to yourself.

Why should it? After all, you keep failing on your word. What’s the true value of your word? Zero.

So, when you need the help of you unconscious to achieve some goal or establish some habit, your unconscious won’t help you. It knows you’re not serious about it.

And this is quite problematic since it will be hard to use your Will to do anything worthwhile as long as your mind is not believing in your words.

That’s why we insist so much in the training of the Will in 10 Steps to Inner Power and Will Mastery. Once your mind “believes” in what you say, then your words have weight. If you constantly say you are going to do something and you do it, your mind will not rebel against you and sabotage your efforts. Quite the opposite, it starts to be “tamed”. Your mind knows resistance is futile so it will help you in what you want, instead of coming up with other distractions.

That’s one of the end goals on having a strong Will. There’s no procrastination, no delaying or distractions, you will simply do what you want to do, when you want it and how you want it.