Do you need to be empathic?

Here’s an interesting question from a student?

“Do you need to be empathic to be magnetic or charismatic?”

This is a common question and a common trait you see on several different “charismatic lists” on online articles.

Everyone tells you that charismatic people are empathic. They have the ability to understand and share the feelings of another person.

And it’s true… to a certain extent.

Some charismatic people are indeed empathic: Oprah, Bill Clinton, and so forth.

It’s a part of the charisma of SOME people. They may connect with others in a deep meaningful way.

But how about others like Hitler? Churchill? Jim Morrison?

Empathic isn’t exactly the trait that we’ll use to define them. Yet, they are still magnetic and charismatic.

It’s not absolutely necessary, since their source of charisma is another.

For some of them, it comes mostly from an unshakable Will. The Will is the driving force that energizes them and makes them project to others.

For others is their sexuality. Look for example for Marilyn Monroe. It’s not about empathy, it’s not about Will, it’s about her sexual energy.

There are different types of magnetism and charisma. There’s not just one type.

Hence, empathy may be indeed a part of the charisma of some people. Just the same the Will is part of the charisma of another and sexual energy yet another.

And they are all perfectly valid and magnetic the same way.

So we can’t really say that you NEED to be empathic to be magnetic. But you CAN choose to develop that aspect of your personality.

It’s up to you select what type of magnetism you want to develop.

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