Do you need to create difficulties and hardships?

Still regarding this post from last week, a student asked:

“What if I don’t have difficulties in my life? Will I need to create them to increase the inner power?”

That’s a great question!

I wrote how difficulties in your life can increase your inner power tenfold since you will need to battle much more than the average person to get the something done.

This makes it seem like difficulties and hardships are a good thing.

Of course they are not.

I’m sure no one in their right mind will want to have them. For sure if I can avoid a hard life or any hardships or problems in my life, I will – as a number one priority.

So it’s important to be clear that you don’t need to have (or create) a hard life to increase your inner power.

You’ll see that an “easy life” also has its fair share of challenges.

The easier your life is, the less disciplined your mind needs to be.

Procrastination and overall laziness tend to be very big issues.

Or if it’s very easy to be sidetracked from your goals and objectives.

Since you don’t need to absolutely do anything, there are few reasons for your mind to obey your Will.

You’ll tend to quickly lose track of your intentions since you don’t really HAVE to do them. It’s not like your livelihood depends on waking up at 4am and go milk the cows.

Working with these “easy” conditions is already a great inner power challenge. You don’t need to create hardships in your life. You need to create a mental discipline and a strong Will to prevent your mind to roam free and go where the wind takes it.

You want to train your mind to do what YOU really want to do. With the necessary discipline and focus.

And this can be done with any type of life.

It all comes from inside of you with specific exercises and protocols that you learn in the 10 Steps to Inner Power training.

As you can realize, your normal everyday life – even without any hassle – is already a great training for your inner power.

No need to create any further problems!

To Personal Power,
From Charisma School

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