Do you realize that you are an individual?

Today I’ve decided to share with you an important text by William Walker Atkinson.

Every once in a while I re-read it to remember to express myself fully on the world.


“Do you realize that you are an individual?

There’s no one else exactly like you, in all this big world.

There are no two blades of grass exactly alike – no two grains of sand exactly the same shape and size – no two individuals exactly the same. Nature is filled with the desire for variety – and therefore makes individuals and delights in their manifestation of individuality.

Realize that you are what you are for a purpose – have a meaning in the Cosmos – you have a part to play, a work to do, a “reason” to express.

Therefore, do not try to ape after others – do not try to shape your life after the pattern of another – but endeavor to manifest the inner meaning and reason within you, and develop the latent powers and dormant energies which are distinctively yours.

Draw from the soil of Life the nourishment for your growth – let the rains and dews of Experience fall upon you and be freshened and stimulated thereby – and face ever the Sun above you from which the Power of the Spirit comes to you. Then grow naturally as does the plant – without haste and without forcing – developing the bud of Individuality into the full blossom, opening out leaf after leaf in response to the loving urge of the Sun, until at last the full blossom appears in all its glory.

If you are a violet, very well. If you are a lily, very well. If you are a rose, very well. If you are but a tiny “forget-me-not”, likewise very well. Do not fret because you are not some other variety – but endeavor to be the best of your kind and to manifest to the fullest the special capacities within you.

The purpose of your life is not to be somebody else, but to be Yourself in the fullest degree and highest expression. And, remember always, that the most unattractive plant often brings forth the most beautiful blossom. And the blossom is the “reason” of the plant’s being. So be yourself – your Best Self – your True Self – and demonstrate the reason and meaning of your existence”

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