Do you really generate energy?

I’ve often written about “generating energy”, but that’s not entirely correct. So I’ll make sure you understand this.

If nature teaches us anything is that energy is not created out of thin air, it’s transformed.

In fact, Anaxagoras in 450 B.C. already said it perfectly well:

“Wrongly do the Greeks suppose that aught begins or ceases to be; for nothing comes into being or is destroyed; but all is an aggregation or secretion of pre-existing things; so that all becoming might more correctly be called becoming mixed, and all corruption, becoming separate.”

Or as Lavoisier puts it:

“Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed.”

A magnet already has its own magnetic field with its regular power. Yet, when a piece of iron is placed within its range, this magnetic field pulls it in.

No energy is created. It’s simply a REACTION of that pre-existing magnetic field.

Electricity is also not created out of thin air, even if it appears that way when you turn on the light. For example, if you have a generator electricity is created out of the kinetic energy – the movement. Or a solar panel, which transforms the energy of the sun into electricity.

In other words, energy is already there – in nature -, it’s often just not in a shape that we can use for our particular purpose.

With your own energy inside your body it’s the exact same. One way or the other you are transforming energy.

The only difference is that the mechanisms are not fully understood as with other physical properties.

The energy of the food you eat, the water you drink and the air you breathe, gives you the energy for everything in your body to work correctly.

(yes, you can find alternatives to these energy sources, but that’s not the point of this article)

This energy from food, drink and air, also feeds your brain and consequently, your thoughts. Your brain uses more energy than any other human organ! It accounts for up to 20 percent of the body’s total energy.

No wonder your thoughts have such a powerful impact on your whole being.

When you have negative thoughts, the energy that you are ingesting, is transformed to a negative energy quality that fuels your whole body.

It’s the same energy, but it’s now transformed into something else by the power of your thinking – which works in the same way as kinetic energy to generate electricity.

And as you move through the world with your own “magnetic field”, similar to the one from the magnet, this energy is going to have a negative quality and give you the type of reactions you most likely DON’T want.

Of course, a couple of negative thoughts won’t have sufficient power to transform all the energy you are absorbing into a full blown negative charge.

It takes much more than that. It takes constant or very frequent negative thoughts to change your whole magnetism.

When you think about it this way, it can give you a whole different perspective to the power of thoughts.

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