Do you think you are strong?

A Charisma School student wrote the following sentence:

“Most of the time we want to think we’re stronger than we really are”.

He wrote it, because he found out there were many foundational charisma skills he still haven’t grasped due to his rationalization that they were easy and already fully mastered.

No one wants to admit their will is weak or that their inner power is not strong enough.

But, if you haven’t mastered these foundational skills, everything else will be built on top of quicksand.

And if your foundations are weak, a simple blow of the wind is enough to make it all crumble.

This is the equivalent of wanting to master advanced calculus without ever taking simple algebra.

The most advanced exercises rely on what you developed on the “basic” courses like the 10 Steps to Inner Power and the Vitality and Energy Training. You can’t do much without a solid inner power or a good energy awareness and control.

You don’t need perfection in any of them, but you need a fairly good grasp, as well as an honest evaluation of your current skill set.

Those foundational trainings are not the most “sexy” or the more appealing ones.

I understand that.

We all want unlimited magnetism and we want it now. But I know of no other way of achieving this goal without passing through the foundations.

Just like I know of no other way of learning advanced calculus without first learning basic algebra.

There’s no problem in your will being weak, or your inner power being low. I had these exact same issues and overcame them. You can work on all of it.

Fortunately, I had Fabricio constantly pointing out these weaknesses to me and forcing me to develop them before anything else. He wouldn’t teach me new exercises or techniques without having these foundational skills.

Due to the current teaching model, you have no one forbidding you to learn the advanced material. Yet, if you are not ready for it, you’ll simply fail in its application and your journey will take longer than it has to, since you’ll be constantly wasting time in techniques you are not yet ready to use.

If no one is telling you about your own weaknesses, the more you need of an honest look on yourself and your own skills. Look at your thoughts, behaviors, actions, reactions in your daily life.

Give it an honest look.

Are your foundations in place? Or are they built on top of quicksand?

If they are, start with building your foundations with the:
>>> 10 Steps to Inner Power

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