Does a crowd has magnetism?

Here’s an interesting question from a student:

“Does a crowd or group has magnetism?”

Yes! For sure.

A group of people has its own magnetism and energy. The combined energy of the individuals in a crowd transforms into its own unique energy.

Then it get its own unique movements and characteristics.

Just like a person.

Sometimes the energy of the crowd has the energy of its leader.

It’s easily seen in political rallies, some seminars, or in a gathering as small as a group of friends.

When you are magnetic enough with a strong projection and ideals, then you can share this magnetism with a group of people by a speech for example.

Then, this group of people gets infused with your magnetism and end up getting a stronger combined energy.

In other words, the magnetism that you share gets stronger. It becomes bigger than you and often times even different.

Remember those situations where a charismatic man gives a speech to a group of people only to lose control of the actions of the group? Maybe they get violent or end up doing something it wasn’t the leader’s original intention.

It’s quite frequent since the magnetism of the leader often gets transformed by the shared energy of the group.

And if you are that leader that commands a crowd, by giving birth to a magnetic entity (via the group) your personal magnetism is bound to increase.

That’s one of the best and easiest ways to increase your own personal magnetism, but this tends to be for those individuals who are already magnetic and want to become even more since you already need enough magnetism to lead a group or crowd.

Definitely not a solution for those who don’t even have a modicum quantity of projective ability.

Another option for the creation of a group’s energy is just with the combination of the indvididuals, with no assumed leader.

There’s usually an idea behind it that unifies the group into a common energy and goal.

This tends to be a temporary situation, since a magnetic individual will often be drawn to the leadership role.

Remember that magnetism attracts magnetism.

Any charismatic individual (or an individual with a potential magnetism waiting to be revealed) will want the opportunity to be in that place, so it won’t be long until someone steps up to the role.

We’ve all been in one way or another inside a group and felt its energy. Sometimes it’s pleasant, other times it’s not.

But when you are inside one of these groups, feeling the pull inside of it, your own energy tends to be absorbed into it. You merge your own individual energy into the the groups energy.

Have you ever been into a sports stadium? That’s the perfect example.

That’s why so many people get addicted into these type of situations. It’s the perfect opportunity to forget their own individual concerns and frustrations (ie. their own negative energy) to become part of a larger magnetic energy, whether positive or not, at least its bigger and different than their own.

In order to be easily pulled to these type of situations, it’s important you feel aware, secure and solid into your own energy.

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