Does tiredness affect your projection?

Here’s an interesting question from a student:

“can physical tiredness affect our projection?”

Physical tiredness can affect our projection to a large degree.

I’m sure you’ve experienced it, when you are tired, you don’t quite feel up to any effort.

Particularly the effort of focused projection.

Maybe you were running around all day, or you’ve made a particular strenuous physical effort like carrying something heavy helping out a friend. The only thing you feel like doing after is laying on the couch.

It feels like your energy is depleted and you need to renew before something useful can come out of it.

BUT there are two important points here:

1) Sometimes you must keep going and can’t lay down on the couch. Let’s say you were running an important business conference all day and you still had an important dinner to attend and a speech to give at that dinner.

Or you were actually sick but still need to endure further 5 hours of some business engagement.

This is where you need to use your Act of Will that I described here and here.

When you are connected to your Will, you are able to “overrule” the physical tiredness and get enough energy to last until you need to.

Naturally, you will still need to rest later, but at least you’ll get an extra boost when you need it. This extra boost is much better and more efficient than coffee.

2) Automatic or natural projection is not affected by physical tiredness.

If you recall, there are two types of projection, and only focused projection is affected by tiredness.

Natural projection will just come out naturally out of you without any effort.

For example: if sexual energy is your natural energy, then it doesn’t matter whether you are tired (or even depressed) since it would automatically be projected either way.

It’s just something that is inside of you and comes out no matter what.

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