Don’t Repress it

The Will or Will power use it’s never a repressing mechanism. Repressing implies that other parts of you are not aligned with what you want to do. By denying them, you are actually denying yourself.

When there’s an urge or an unconscious impulse that you are denying or pushing down, it will eventually pop back up. We know this is true from the Victorian Will.

What’s the alternative then?

It’s to face that urge or impulse.

It’s not about denying it, repressing it, or ignoring it. It’s about facing it and becoming aware of all its facets.

Let’s say you need to eat more than you need; maybe you’re addicted to sugar and cookies.

Why? What is happening in your body? What’s your energy telling you?

Rather than ignoring this urge or impulse, you need to face it.

And remember that knowing the intellectual reason for something is not the same thing as facing it.

Using the same example, you may know that your body is addicted to sugar and may have all the intellectual justifications about the hormones, the brain, and all of that; you may even know about emotional eating and why you got addicted, and your past family history. But it’s not the same as becoming fully aware of what you’re feeling and all the energy behind it.

It’s always about energy. What’s the energy behind that impulse? How does it feel? How does it behave? What’s generating it? How can you let go of it?

By becoming aware of it and gently letting it go – instead of fighting it, resisting it, or ignoring it – you are avoiding the backlash of repression.

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