Draw First or Die

Magnetism is founded on the activity of the muscles, mind and energy.

In other words, you won’t be magnetic unless there is a constant activity in mind, body and energy.

A constant movement.

Those who are active in mind, body and energy, either by born habit or by training, are looked upon as naturally magnetic.

When you look at the habits of magnetic men and women will are able to find that, much to our surprise, that they are like restless bees.

They are not time wasters.

They are constantly active, if not in body, at least in mind and energy.

A magnetic man is active without being anxious or in a hurry or negatively tense.

Before you get me wrong and to be perfectly clear, you don’t need to be running around like a headless chicken.

Nor do you need the actual physical movement.

In fact, you can be perfectly still and be very active.

Does it seem like a paradox?

It’s not!

Here’s an analogy to be very clear:

Remember those old western movies where two men where standing a few few apart, looking at each other, each of them with his hand very close to their gun waiting to draw and shoot the other guy?

They were perfectly still, yet, do you think they were fully relaxed?

Maybe the dead guys were! The more relaxed you were, the more time you spent activating to take out
your gun.

And do you think they were fully tense?

Of course not. Then they wouldn’t be able to be quick on the draw. Ever tried to pickup something with your hand fully tense?

The good gunslingers from the Wild West – those who won the most duels – had a perfect amount of Subtle Tension Energy.

The muscles were not fully relaxed and de-vitalized but they weren’t tense either.

Yet, they were 100% ready for action filled with energy!

That’s the energy of magnetism and charisma! That’s the solution to the apparent paradox of being
perfectly still, yet, very active.

We study and develop this Subtle Tension Energy in the Vitality and Energy Training.

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