Eastern energy traditions

Here’s an interesting question from a student:

“As a practice, I follow Taoist qigong & meditation. Would you consider Charisma School, akin to the eastern energy/spiritual traditions, as the way the “western mind” can follow & practice? Or how would Charisma School compare to Taoist qigong/meditation?”

There’s an important difference and an important similarity.

The similarity is evident. Both traditions work with energy.

You’ll find that whether you start with Charisma School and then also practice other energy traditions or vice-versa, you’ll feel a certain easiness in its work since this type of energy training tends to be cumulative.

Even if the energies we work with are different, the energy training – and internal awareness necessary for this training – work the same way.

The energy skills you learn in one tradition are perfectly transferable to the other and it will be mutually beneficial.

The only caveat is that since the energies are different you’ll need to re-learn certain aspects of them. The energies we work with are not the same.

The important difference between these traditions is that in Charisma School we don’t focus on the spiritual aspect. Our focus is mostly on real world applications and benefits for everyday living and not enlightenment or some sort of spiritual improvement.

I’m not “enlightened” – whatever you consider as “enlightened” – nor am I trying to be. So I can’t possibly teach it.

If you are seeking enlightenment, then this is not the place. You’re better off with some of these eastern traditions that focus solely on that.

Yet, these eastern traditions speak very little on practical uses of these energies they work with. For example, sexual energy is used only for spiritual evolution. Not for increasing your own sexual magnetism in daily living.

Nor will you find any eastern tradition that openly speaks about influencing with energy or with the mind – even if it’s perfectly doable with that training.

This is where we – Charisma School – come in.

Most of us still live in the modern world and we still need to navigate it through it and want to achieve certain mundane aspects for a comfortable living.

We still need to handle our procrastination, or influence someone to approve your project, or have a fulfilling sex life.

All this is part of life.

As good as all the spiritual aspects and traditions are, there’s a strong mundane component in your life that can’t be ignored.

It’s this practical and everyday component that we focus in Charisma School.

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