Here’s an interesting question from a student:

“I don’t smoke often but today I smoked and then after that I could feel the energy moving in my body very vividly. I know that smoking is not good in terms of magnetism but can it help initially to feel the energy movements?”

First of all, it’s important for you to know that this only happened since you’re not an habitual smoker.

An habitual smoker would have much less sensitivity to the energy movements caused by the habit.

The same can be caused for example, with caffeine, alcohol and many drugs.

All the substances which affect normal working of the mind and nervous system can make it seem that it’s easier to feel the energy movements.

Particularly substances which are opioids (eg. painkillers), stimulants (eg. coffee) or depressants (eg. alcohol), which are the most common ones. Nicotine (and also alcohol) can be both stimulant and depressant.

They are seemingly more obvious.

In reality, they are not more obvious. They just change what you usually feel.

You are used to feel yourself and your energy in a particular way, and these substances change this habitual pattern.

So your awareness doesn’t increase with its use. It just changes your usual energy flow, so it’s more obvious for you to feel something – especially if you’ve had any energy training before.

But this change only happens on the initial moments.

Once they become habitual (let’s say an habitual smoker or coffee drinker), then, their “energy effects” become the new norm and you’ll go back to square one in terms of awareness.

There are no shortcuts to energy awareness other than exercises for its development.

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