Emotional State and Sexual Magnetism

A common question I usually have is if you can achieve sexual magnetism while still feeling anxious or negative inside on any random bad day.

While it’s possible to have this sexual magnetism while feeling negativity inside, it’s only AFTER it has become a part of your identity.

In other words, after you are already magnetic for quite some time and it’s deeply associated with you and your own identity, then it won’t necessarily be associated with your emotional state and the randomness of your moods.

You can have a bad day and still have the residual effects of sexual magnetism.

Hence… getting your results.

The sexually magnetic life already became a part of you.

There are no more “secret” issues surrounding it. You’ve released all the stuck negative energy you had about it.

But… unfortunately, most people who are reading this, are not in this stage.

Which means that, until sexual magnetism is an integral part of you, your emotional and mental state have a big impact on your magnetism.

Particularly, going out, trying to be exude sexuality while secretly feeling like shit inside, won’t be a good strategy.

Your magnetism takes time to change.

But it will never change if you continue to get stuck to old patterns of behavior and emotional states.

The most common reply is: “But I don’t want to feel bad, I just do”

Of course. That’s your natural unconscious reaction. Your habitual attitude.

You get the same kind of thoughts and the same kind of feelings.

And, often, this happens mostly for two reasons:

1) You are logically convinced of something and don’t want to change.

If you are convinced that you are ugly or unappealing because of your facial birthmark, or big nose, or whatever other reason, then changing your state will be hard due to this mental rigidity.

Your negative thoughts simply undermine anything else. Until you are willing to let go of them and accept another reality, changing your energy and emotional state will be next to impossible.

2) Emotional and energetic baggage

This is when there’s an overbearing negative feeling in you that just brings you down. It’s not necessarily associated with negative thoughts (even though it may bring negative thoughts).

What’s most common is a combination of the these two reasons, which are so intertwined that it’s hard to know which one is the dominant one.

Fortunately, both of them can be addressed. They have a “cure”.

That’s only a couple of things that we work on our trainings. Especially the ones dedicated to sexual energy: Sexual Energy Mastery, Become a Sexual Man and Sexual Magnetism.

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