Energetic defense mechanisms

We’re all aware about psychological defense mechanisms. Certain behaviors you may have that reduce your anxiety from unacceptable stimulus.

There’s plenty of them, but a common one is repression. You avoid to think about something unacceptable for you. If sexuality is an issue, you avoid thinking about it. So, you repress whatever urges that come up.

Another common one is passive-aggressiveness. You can’t express your aggressiveness directly to the other person, so you have certain behaviors which are hostile in a hidden way.

Let’s say your boss scolds you for some reason. Because you can’t talk back to him, instead, you begin to steal paper clips from the office.

It’s important to recognize these type of psychological defense mechanisms. But even more important is recognizing their energetic manifestations.

Before you manifest the behavior, you manifest the energy and the feeling behind it.

It’s that energy that will create this behavior.

For example: when your boss scolds you, you inevitably feel a certain contraction and certain negative energy movements inside.

It’s those movements that will originate the behavior.

In your past, you (unconsciously) learned that the best way to handle the feelings generated by the scolding of an authority figure was with this passive aggressive behavior.

And so, each time it happens, you react in a similar way and have this similar type of behavior.

I propose to interrupt this cycle of the defense mechanisms by becoming aware of the energy that originates them and handling it in a more productive way.

Instead of doing the same behavior over and over, you recognize the energy and direct it in a different way.

You stop the behavior by going to its root cause.

Naturally, you are then free to choose your own behavior. On our simple example, that may mean to stand up to your boss, or find a different job.

Either way, you won’t be feeling the same energy pulling you to act in a certain way. You understand that energy, allow it to flow and then decide with a clear mind (and energy).

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