Energetic Links with another person

Over time, or over certain experiences, a common event is to create an energetic link with another person.

Energetic links are like a highway of energy between you and another person.

These energetic links can be healthy or unhealthy. Good or bad for you.

You can have a perfectly healthy energetic link with your wife or girlfriend. A good and healthy relationship that reinforces the strength of your own energy (and the other person as well).

Usually you recognize a healthy energetic link because you, overall, feel better than before you had that relationship.

We call them “good quality links”.

Or you can have an unhealthy energetic link. These are the ones that drain your energy.

They can cause anxiety, depression, obsessive thoughts. Overall, you feel worse than before.

We call them “bad quality links”

These energetic links are not two way streets in the sense that both persons would feel bad (or good) because of them.

You are the one that feed those links. Whether good or bad energy.

An energetic link can be quite vampiric, in the way that one person is feeding off the energy of another. Hence, gaining energy while another is loosing.

Ideally, in good quality links, both persons GAIN energy because of this link.

The energetic link can exist only on one person, it’s a one way link. Where your energy is invested on another, while the other doesn’t even know you’re there.

This usually is not a good quality link since you’re investing energy without anything in return. This type of links can happen (for example) after a breakup where one person has moved on and another has stayed stuck without moving on with his life.

This type of link keeps you energetically stuck. Your energy is flowing through this link, draining you further and further.

While there’s nothing wrong in thinking about your past relationships AS LONG AS you are free from all the emotional and energetic baggage associated with it.

In other words, as long as this energetic link is no longer there OR has transformed into a good quality energy link (friendship for example).

One reason I’m bringing this up is because, if you’re aware, bad quality energetic links can be reinforced with the kind of energetic influence work you do with these type of techniques you learn here in Charisma School – or any type of influencing techniques really.

When you use influencing techniques to try and get back an ex-girlfriend (for example), you are feeding this bad quality link more energy, draining you in the process and without achieving any results since that link is like a black hole.

It doesn’t lead anywhere.

You need to clear those links first. Stop feeding them and let them die. Only then you can build new ones – even with the same person – but the past bad quality energetic links have to die first.

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