Energy and Emotions – Two sides of a single coin

Here’s an interesting question from a student?

“How does your energy relate to your emotions? I’m asking this because when I feel certain emotions I also feel energy moving”

Emotions and energy are two sides of a single coin.

Emotions move energy the same way that energy moves emotions.

They influence one another. You can influence your emotions through your energy, or vice-versa.

The problem is that we generally feel (and live) emotions so little, that we confuse them with REACTIONS to the emotion.

Emotion is an energetic movement. It’s born from a stimulus, felt internally, it has some developments until it lowers its intensity and eventually disappears.

If you just become aware of the internal movement of the emotion without thoughts or any other kind of reaction, you would feel interesting movements of energy inside of you.

And that would be it.

It would start, move inside of you, increase its intensity and eventually losing intensity and dying.

What normally happens is that we never allow the energy of the emotion to move as it pleases.

We REACT to it too soon. And either we try to block it, mentally interpret it in order to reduce it or intensify it through the inner voice, and even indefinitely play it so it never truly disappears.

On the first situation – when we simply OBSERVE and are aware of what happens inside, the energy of the emotion plays its full power and range before returning to the source.

There are no blocks and no waste of energy. In this situation, the energy of that emotions becomes available for you and a source of power.

On the second situation – when we REACT – we establish dysfunctions of the energy movements inside. We restrict, constrict, replace or intensify. The energy can become stuck on a never-ending loop.

The more you become aware of these subtle internal movements, the more you can achieve a good level of control of your emotions, or should I say, of your REACTIONS to the emotions, because that’s the most troublesome aspect and not the emotions in themselves.

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