Energy Exercises Inefficiencies

Often I receive messages from students who think they are doing some technique or exercise incorrectly.

And most likely they are right.

Doing something wrong – and then correct it – it’s part of the training.

The same way with the efficiency of your technique.

In the beginning part of your training, you will be as efficient as factory of the 1900’s compared to a modern age factory. The juice you will squeeze out of the energy exercises will be less than a cup of coffee.

And that’s ok!

As your awareness increases, so will the efficiency of your exercises. It’s perfectly expected that in the beginning 99% of the exercises you do are not as efficient as they can be.

As you move along in the training, your exercises get more and more efficient as your awareness of what you are doing increases.

To get to a point where you’re getting 100% of the value of any exercise, you will need to do it inefficiently for a while, ask questions, reflect and increase your awareness.

In the beginning of my own energy training, on many situations I barely felt something. For example, with the tension energy exercises, I would feel a generalized feeling of muscular tension and some weird tingling feelings which I had no idea what they were.

Only much later did I understood exactly what I should be doing.

But some work was needed to fully understand it.

As much as I would like to tell you that you can start doing as efficiently as possible since the beginning, it’s simply not possible (unless you’ve trained on similar exercises before).

If you think about it, it’s the same thing when you’re learning something else.

Let’s say piano.

Do you think the first time you play a piano song it will be your best one? Not likely… after 5000 times and 100 hours of practice, most likely your song will be much more beautiful and you’ll play it with a lot less effort.

With that said, you shouldn’t just give up and simply say:

“I’m doing it wrong and it’s ok”. Not at all!

All the techniques and exercises are to be done with full awareness and wanting to improve. With an inquiring mind and will. Asking me questions about your training and reflecting on it.

You simply need to live with doing things inefficiently in the beginning as you work on improving.

Doing them inefficiently is the road to improvement.

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