Is energy Healing real?

Here’s an interesting question from a reader:

“What are your thoughts on energy healing?”

Energy healing is a controversial topic that is surrounded by a lot of new age psycho-babble. But I would be quite hypocritical if I didn’t believe in it. Especially since Charisma School is all about energy and its projection.

Here’s the situation: most energy healers can send some energy to the person they are healing. Even if they are new age, I would say they can project a certain energy.

This is irregardless of the method used. Whether it’s pranic healing, magnetic healing, angelic therapy or whatever you want to call it, some energy is being transmitted.

Whether that energy will be felt or cause any significant impact on someone, it’s a different discussion.

The truth of the matter is that you don’t need much to project energy. If we have a device that can measure the energy being projected, it would identify something.

Just not enough to be impactful.

Imagine that you are in a pitch black dark room and you have a very weak flashlight. It can emit some light, but definitely not enough to be able to illuminate the room. You’ll still need a different – stronger – flashlight to move in that room.

This is the case with most of the healers. They have a weak energy and/or energy projection which is not enough to cause any impact or significant change.

Those with experience in Charisma School methods will know this. Especially when they start the experiments with people and animals. If the projection of energy (and the energy itself) is not strong, nothing will be felt.

It’s still there and it’s still projecting, just not enough to cause an impact.

That’s why this type of influence kind of exercises are needed whether you are only interesting in magnetism or you are also interesting you healing. Without them, it’s hard to know if you’re having any kind of energetic impact on someone else.

Training the Will is a fundamental aspect here. In fact, I recorded a whole video about it in the past about this (you can find it here)

A strong Will increases the impact of your own energy projection to a flashlight that can illuminate any room.

If you want to influence the physical body, some physical, earthly presence is needed. Which is what the Will gives you.

A grounded presence that is connected to the earth and your own Will – as opposed to new age, up in the clouds, “everything is love” type of presence – is much more powerful for any kind of energy work. Keep in mind, this is not incompatible to the “everything is love” and compassionate personality. You can be like that, and still have a powerful presence. The connection to the Will is the true key.

That’s not the only aspect which is lacking in most energy healers, but it’s the most important one.

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