Energy is a Two Way Street

In Charisma School we speak a good deal about energy and how you can influence it. But in reality, energy is a two way street.You can influence energy, the same way as it influences you.

It’s similar to your relationship with our body.

Your are certainly influenced by the workings and conditions of your body, but your mind can also influence
the workings of your body.

In other words, your body can be brought into a natural state of health by improving our nutrition, exercising, making it work better. This way, you are simply improving the normal functioning of your body, and with it, it influences a good state of your mind.

But you can also aid the natural mechanisms of your body by using some kind of mind technology to heal itself
of some sickness or make it work better.

It’s a two way street.

Obviously, my ideal scenario to maximize success is using both!

And you should think about energy work the same way since it works under this same principle.

Most people live under the influence of their already generated energy patterns. So what they achieve in life
is already conditioned from the start, since – unlike the body where you know how to improve it’s overall
functioning (healthy eating, exercising, sleep, etc) – there’s no such guidelines commonly given for your energy field.

So most people have no real control over their own energy – be it sexual energy, tension energy, manifesting
energy and so on. They live fully controlled by their already determined energy.

What we wholeheartedly and passionately defend and teach in Charisma School are ways for you to change this established energy field which is conditioning your love life, your working life, your friends and your overall success in life.

By changing your own energy, you become more prone to achieve what you want to achieve, be it a charismatic
personality or more sexual partners!

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