Energy is as obvious as a circus parade

Energy work seems quite a subtle and vague activity… at least until you are aware.

Then it becomes as obvious as a circus parade.

In the initial stages of energetic development, many energy feelings start to come up and you have no idea what they are.

You just know you are feeling something.

You also know very little how to control them.

With the right guidance and training, you start to understand them. You start to know that the energy feeling X is always associated to the event Y.

You start to understand what that feeling means and the subtle variations of that same feeling.

You begin to feel your surroundings and other people in a whole new way.

You realize that people affect your energy body in a completely different way. Some people seem to wear you down while others boost you up. There are precise energy feelings that accompany each of them.

You now understand that your body is much more than just the physical. It’s not just a biological organism, it’s a bioenergetic organism.

And it all starts with awareness. With paying attention to the different feelings of your body.

The tension energy is a good way to start with energy work in general and develop this awareness. It loosens up your “muscular armor” and generates energy that you can feel straight away.

The “muscular armor” is often one of the culprits that stop people from feeling the energy body. Their muscular tension is often so strong that nothing else comes through. They can only feel the gross muscular feelings and not the more subtle energetic feelings.

Tension energy exercises solve this issue as well as giving you the awareness of your energy body.

It’s a category of exercises that work not just on the physical, but also – and most predominantly – on the energetic body.

It combines both into an efficient bioenergetical process.

Start your energy development with the:
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