Energy, the missing link

Last week, I shared a quote from Charles Haanel about how things are initially created in the mental world before manifesting in our material reality.

Understanding this doesn’t require much logical thinking. All the objects and structures created by humans around us were first imagined and then brought into existence. Whether it’s the largest skyscraper or the smallest screw, there was an architect or industrial designer behind its conception.

So it’s not hard to understand this concept of first imagination/mind to material/body later.

However, between the realm of the mind and the realm of matter, there’s a crucial element:


Energy serves as the bridge between the mind and the body. It’s the energy emitted from the mind instructing the body on what to do.

Think of it like an architect hiring a foreman to oversee the construction process, gathering workers and materials to bring the vision to life.

Energy enables this process.

The mind may conceive grand plans for manifestation, but without alignment with the body’s energy, well… good luck with that!

We place significant emphasis on energy because it serves as the communication link between mind and body, if it fails… then everything else also fails.

The mind alone – or the architect – can’t bring its blueprint to life. So the body – or the materials – will do its thing and react to nature, with no guidance from a better blueprint.

Energy acts as the missing link between the two realms.

That’s why we offer courses like Vitality and Energy Science and Advanced Energy Science – to help you understand this crucial link and empower you to bring your manifestations to fruition.

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