Energy Work is not black magic

When I speak or write about energy, the common reaction is one of strangeness. Many still look at energy work as some sort of black magic from the medieval ages.Yet, this is pure ignorance about the topic.

Many of the traditional medicines, which were in use for thousands in years, were based on this concept. And they lasted until now because they work.

It’s a different paradigm from modern science for sure… but they work.

Not by some “weird voodoo”, but because the old masters learned how to listen to their own bodies for what was happening inside of them, and used that knowledge for healing.

This a skill most people no longer possess: being aware of what’s happening inside their own bodies.

And that’s why energy work seems like weird magic.

But once you start to do any kind of energy work, you soon realize how natural everything is. Especially after you feel the energy inside your own body, you see there’s nothing magical about it.

It’s like learning how to feel your heart rhythm. Something natural that everyone has inside of them.

Once you are aware of it, affecting and manipulating the energy is the next step. You don’t need to be a witch doctor in order to use your own energy.

Nor do you need weird techniques or the blood of a black hen born in a new moon.

Usually they involve breathing, or – on most cases – simply willing it. Just like you will to raise an arm. You just have to develop the necessary connections to be able to do it.

Nothing more, nothing less.

So there’s no magic and no weirdness. Just a natural function of the human body, used for thousands of years with great benefits, that is now more lost than ever.

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