Everybody has the same energy potential

The great painter Picasso said:

“Everybody has the same energy potential. The average person wastes his in a dozen little ways. I bring mine to bear on only one thing: my paintings. And everything is sacrificed to it. You and everyone else, myself included.”

This is a thought that is very rich in interpretation. And we can certainly think of this quote in terms of energy.

Most people are wasting their energy during their whole day. As Picasso stated: “the average person wastes his in a dozen little ways”. Indeed, most people have dozens of leaks in their own energy, attention and focus. The energy is being scattered all over the place without even noticing it.

It’s important to, first, be aware of the body. Without understanding your energy movements and the energy dynamics, it tends to disperse in pointless movements that only waste energy.

Also becoming aware of the emotions, as we already discussed before.

But also in the mind and attention. When you have a scattered attention between so many different things, it’s inevitable that you’re going to waste it.

Picasso’s lesson is to focus everything on one aim, one goal, a single focus and everything else is sacrificed to it. This means that you’re not going to watch netflix or pointless browsing the internet when you still have work to do.

Everything else is on the sideline. Your focus is the main one. Your energy is fully invested in that focus as your main priority. First, you focus on that. Only after most of your energy is invested on that single goal, should you do something else.

If your energy is at its peak in the morning, then don’t go shopping at this hour, or watch netflix or whatever that is. Use that peak energy to do what you truly want to do. Your main focus.

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