Everything leaves a mark in your energy

All your experiences, your behaviors, and your thoughts leave a mark on your energy. And your energy is projected to the world where other people can feel it and react accordingly.

We may think that thought exists in isolation inside our mind and nowhere else, but that’s not true. It’s APPARENTLY true, but it doesn’t hold in practice.

It’s straightforward to confirm or deny this.

Go to a party while only having depressive, gloomy thoughts and notice the reactions of the people around you.

Then a week later, do the same but only have happy joyful thoughts. Notice the reactions of the people around you.

Compare both events.

It doesn’t take much to understand the effects of something that happens only inside your mind in the real world.

That’s why everything leaves a mark – good or bad.

Your thoughts and life experiences keep shaping you from the day you are born to the day you die.

While with practice you can control your thoughts, you don’t have such a significant degree of control over what happens to you. Indeed, you can lead your life in a particular path and direction and have more specific experiences, but those experiences occur randomly and leave deep scars on you.

For example, a war is happening in your country. Not much you can do to prevent or avoid that. You can only control your thoughts and reactions to it – not the actual event.

Still, it’s going to leave a deep mark on your energy. It’s inevitable.

And that is something we need to own and accept to become more magnetic. The more you accept whatever marks your energy, the more your energy can be projected out, and your magnetism can grow.

The more you try to hide and conceal, the less your magnetism has room to grow.

It’s easy to understand why: your energy will be much more contracted inside, hence less expansion.

That’s the basic rule of magnetism: you want your magnetism to expand, so everything that makes it contract reduces your personal or sexual magnetism.

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