Everything was created

What you see around you, everything man-made, was created by someone, somewhere, sometime.

Which means that everything you see (man-made), someone had to create it, using their Will and their imagination.

From the large building of your city, to the smallest of the screws used in that building. Someone had to design it and manufacture it.

Every bit of knowledge is the same. Someone had to received it, think it and write it (or pass it on in some way). Even Charisma School. We had to first learn the knowledge, to then record it in the videos and text that you are now reading and learning.

This means the physical reality only exists if you create it first in your imagination, and then using the Will to manifest it in the world.

Having the idea and not using your Will to manifest it, will be fleeting. It won’t exist.

So it must be used in combination.

Mind + Will

When you think about it like that, particularly when you think that all was manifested in way or another, it certainly gives you a different insight into the manifestation process.

It’s all manifestation. All creation is manifestation. When you are manifesting something into your life, you are not doing anything different than what everyone else in around you is doing. Which is Imagining and creating. Mind + Will.

While I’m talking about everything that is man-made, of course we could say that absolutely everything – including nature – was created by the same process Mind + Will. But then we enter into a theological debate, which I don’t want to have at this moment. So I limit the scope of this post to man-made structures and objects.

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