Evil Sexual Energy

A common question about the Sexual Magnetism training course is: “doesn’t it bring evil power over women?”It’s been brought up in different forms on my private communication with students, so it’s something I need to address publicly as well.

My thoughts about this issue, as you might expect, are quite different.

The sexual magnetism training course helps you to understand, control and project your sexual energy. Nothing more, nothing less.

Instead of being controlled by your sexual impulses, you can control and direct them into a more useful purpose.

No one would object if I would recommend to dress nicely, put a cologne and treat your date with a meal in an expensive restaurant, yet, if I recommend developing your own sexual energy, somehow it’s “manipulative” and “evil power”…

The same way that we dress ourselves up to become more attractive, or want to be in our best self when we go out in a date, why not work on our energy as well?

Why not develop a kind of energy that is naturally attractive? That makes you comfortable, relaxed in your own sexuality and better able to have a pleasing interaction.

Besides, this kind of work actually makes you LESS desperate, “needy” or prone to be manipulative since you are now a GIVER of sexual energy and not a TAKER.

This is a distinction I create very well in the training.

A sexually magnetic man is NEVER needy since he’s already very comfortable with all the sexual feelings that arise in him. He’s no longer controlled by his sexual urges, instead he uses them to feed his own attractiveness.

If you understand and develop sexual energy correctly, you actually become less manipulative and more natural. But as all tools and techniques, it’s all about your own intention. If your intention is set to evil, then this is what you’ll get.

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