Most of the times, our sense of smell is really undervalued in humans but it provides a  lot of important information. For many animals, this sense is the more important one they have. It makes no sense that we choose to ignore it.

There’s an interesting quote from “The Vivid world of Odors”:

“Dogs and mice rely on odors to locate food, recognize trails and territory, identify kin, find a receptive mate. Social insects such as ants send and receive intricate chemical signals that tell them precisely where to go and how to behave at all times of day.

But humans “see” the world largely through eyes and ears. We neglect the sense of smell—and often suppress our awareness of what our nose tells us. Many of us have been taught that there is something shameful about odors.

Yet mothers can recognize their babies by smell, and newborns recognize their mothers in the same way. The smells that surround us affect our well-being throughout our lives.

Smells also retain an uncanny power to move us. A whiff of pipe tobacco, a particular perfume, or a long-forgotten scent can instantly conjure up scenes and emotions from the past. Many writers and artists have marveled at the haunting quality of such memories.”

Watch this video to know how to improve your sense of smell.