Expanding sexual energy

I often write about an essential aspect of sexual energy: the expansion, the sharing of the sexual energy and giving it away if you’d like.

But the adage “fake till you make it” doesn’t apply here.

You can’t fake expand sexual energy. Either you are doing it and enjoying it, or you aren’t.

And it’s straightforward for you to fool yourself by doing it by some pseudo energy movement.

You can say: “I’m expanding sexual energy”, yet, no energy is getting out because you are contracting it or anxious or rigid.

It’s not like you need to “push it out”. No, this is far from a rigid, strong movement.

Expanding sexual energy is very gentle and soft. It’s much more related to feeling so good with that energy that it’s simply radiating out of you.

It’s not a push. It’s enjoyable.

So the exercises we do in Sexual Energy Mastery are not exercises to do in a rigorous, rigid fashion. Quite the opposite, they are supposed to be enjoyable, for you to relax and enjoy rather than “I have to do this”.

The more rigid you become, the less sexual energy will naturally expand out of you. So enjoy and relax, rather than doing it as homework.

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