Fame as a magnetism amplifier!

I often comment about the magnetism of some famous individuals.

Because it tends to be easier to have examples of someone you can quite easily watch a youtube interview and feel their energy, than to talk about my next door anonymous neighbor, which no one can possibly know or feel his energy.

But fame and popularity are quite an interesting magnetism phenomenon.

It tends to act as a magnetism amplifier.

It’s hard to NOT have Personal Magnetism when you have thousands of people chanting your name and admiring you on a frequent basis.

There’s a lot of energy coming your way, so you’re bound to develop some kind of magnetism.

In fact, if you want an instantaneous tip to becoming magnetic, it’s this: get a few thousand people chanting your name on a frequent basis and you won’t have to do any kind of magnetic exercises!

Unfortunately (or fortunately?), this is out of reach for most of us.

This is so powerful that many celebrities grow an addiction to this quick influx of energy and, when the fame stops, they often go to extreme lengths just to have another taste of it.

It’s not hard to understand why.

The energy you get from fame it’s an intense and ecstatic mix. It’s like a shot you drink and immediately feel its effects. It’s very easy to get addicted to it.

It’s also a very easy way to develop magnetism since you are receiving large amounts of energy on a relatively short time frame.

Even if you weren’t magnetic before, you can now become it quite rapidly.

As long as you’re not actively blocking it (it can happen), you’re going to develop magnetism faster and easier than anyone else.

The problem is that it’s not YOUR magnetism. You are not generating it due to your own inner power or magnetic habits.

It’s being GIVEN to you. Which raises mostly two concerns:

1) You may not adjust to this energy: Notice the amount of famous individuals struggling with addictions, depression, anxiety and so forth?

Many of them were healthy before (while some weren’t).

Their body, mind and energy didn’t accept this new energy – which was not something they generated, but instead pushed into them – and so they reacted by seeking ways to numb it.

Whether through depression or alcohol or drugs the result is similar – a feeling which overrides and numbs what you are feeling.

2) The second concern is: the same way that it’s given, it can also be taken away.

Fame – alongside with the intense influx of energy – can very easily vanish.

This is where “withdrawal symptoms” can happen.

Once you get used to magnetism and the influx of this new and ecstatic energy, you can get depressed, anxious, among other negative symptoms once this energy is taken from you.

Granted that some of the famous individuals already had a good healthy dose of inner power and magnetism to start with – and that’s probably one of the reasons that contributed to become famous.

These tend to be the ones which safely survive being famous and the influx of energy. Their internal mental, emotional and energetic structure can hold it.

So remember although fame is for sure a “quick-fix” regarding magnetism, it doesn’t come without its fair share of problems.

And especially considering this is outside of your sphere of control, training to develop your magnetism is still the best and safest way.

Start your magnetic training with the 10 Steps to Inner Power.

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