Fashion and Charisma

Here’s an interesting question from a 10 Steps student:

“Does the way you dress helps to increase your charisma?”

Yesterday we discussed that it’s possible for you to change your own energy quality. Yet, the methods are mostly mental and energetic.

So, what’s the purpose of “external aids” like clothing, hair styles, fashion, grooming, and so on?

The short answer is that they can indeed help to raise your charisma and change your energy quality.


That’s not the end of the story.

These kind of external methods, like the clothes you wear can have an impact. There are in fact, two ways in which they can affect us.

The first one, is not a true impact, it’s not truly changing your energetic quality. It’s only a temporarily
change in the mindset, but not a true energy change.

It has this kind of impact IF you dress/groom that specific “confidence boosting way” without any other energy or mindset work. The only change is this external change of nice grooming and fashion.

For example: you may be feeling particularly charismatic when you dress and groom really well to go to a club or a bar or some kind of party.

And you get out of your house feeling this way.

You may even think you are very charismatic. Yet, this feeling ends once you get to the club or party and you
notice your lack of true charisma with everyone else not really caring about you.

Or some simple event happens, like a rejection from someone in the opposite sex, and there goes your whole
“fake” charisma and energy.

Clothes don’t help us much in this situation. So they work only as a temporarily mindset change that soon ends.

Another way clothes have an impact on our charisma is when accompanied by a true energy and inner power change.

If you are already working toward your own energy quality and charismatic change using internal and energetic
methods, then dressing or grooming differently, in a way to exteriorize the internal changes you are experiencing can help to consolidate those changes.

It’s by no means necessary. But it can help to advance the process since your identity is changing with this

It’s not a strange event for those who take our training courses to completely alter their dressing style either to a different style that suits them very well or to stop caring about it altogether (especially if they care too much before)

How this turns out is usually a very individual thing. But changes certainly happen!

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