Are You Struggling with Fear and Avoidance?

Here’s a question from a reader of this newsletter:

“I struggle with this fear and avoidance in my life and it’s hindering me from making my mark on the world and into my physical reality. I know inner power plays a big role in this but energetically is because of a person not being grounded in energy, sexual energy, or what?”

There can be several root causes for fear and avoidance.

In Charisma School our first approach is always to eliminate the causes of it in the mind by using the 10 Steps to Inner Power training.

There’s a whole step specifically dedicated to fear, and this comes after several others who force you to take action.

While we can’t deny the energetic blocks that might cause it, on 90% of the situations, training your inner power alone can eliminate these blocks.

Not only this but most of the mental barriers we have are eliminated by the inner power training.

That’s why it only makes sense to follow any kind of energy training, after you have trained your mind and inner power to a somewhat good degree.

You might notice in all our courses that the 10 Steps to Inner Power is the recommended initial training.

It’s not by accident or a “marketing ploy”.

It makes no sense to start training your energy when you can’t even control your thoughts, desires, relationships and behaviors.

If you can’t use your Will in the real, concrete and physical world, why would it be easier to use in a subtle energetic environment?

That’s why most people trained in all sorts of energy systems lack results. They think you don’t need the Will, and all you need is some sort of “visualizing the energy moving” and you’re good to do!

Far from it.

Simply put: if you can’t use your Will on the real world to influence reality, it will be 100x times harder to use it on the subtle world to influence energy.

The energy is moved by your Will and intention.

Your Will and intention are much easier trained in the real world than in the subtle energy world.

Moving from the real world to the subtle energy world is then much easier, and that’s why we created the Vitality and Energy Training. To help you with this transition from real world to energy world.

Start to train your Inner Power, Will and intention in the 10 Steps to Inner Power training:

Then use the Vitality and Energy Training to move into the energy world:

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