Fear is our greatest enemy

Here’s an interesting quote from William Walker Atkinson:

“Fear is the first and great enemy to be overcome by the man or woman who wishes to escape from bondage and attain Freedom. Fear stands in the road of all progress — all advancement — escape. Fear is at the bottom of all of Man’s failures — sorrows — unhappinesses. The Fear of the race keeps it in bondage—the Fear of the individual keeps him a slave. Until Fear is overcome there can be no advancement for either individual or race.

This enemy must be overcome before there can be escape. And it can be overcome by those who will face it calmly and boldly. Look Fear square in the eyes and her eyes drop and she retreats before you. Assert the I am, and know, in the depths of your soul, that nothing can injure the real “I,” and Fear flies before you, fearing that you will conquer her and bind her with chains — she knows the power of the I am consciousness.

When a man allows Fear to enter his heart he attracts to him all that which he fears. Fear is a powerful magnet and exercises a wonderful attracting power. Besides this it paralyzes the efforts and energy of the man and prevents him from doing that which he could easily do were he free of the monster. Man succeeds in proportion as he frees himself from Fear. Show me the successful man and I will show you a man who has dared and who has turned his back upon Fear.

Take your own life, for instance. You have had many opportunities offered you which you have allowed to pass you because of Fear. You have met with a fair degree of success, and, at the last moment, when the prize was in sight, you have drawn back your hand and fled to the rear. Why? Because you “lost your nerve” and Fear entered your heart. When the microbe of Fear enters the system the entire body is paralyzed.

Fear is the parent of the entire brood of negative thoughts which keep men in bondage. From her womb spring Worry, Jealousy, Hate, Malice, Envy, Uncharitableness, Bigotry, Intolerance, Condemnation, Anger and the rest of the foul brood. You doubt this, do you? Well, let us see. You do not worry about things unless you fear them; you do not feel jealous unless fear is also present; hate is always mingled with fear and springs from it—one does not hate a thing that is beyond the power of hurting him; envy shows its origin; bigotry, intolerance and condemnation all arise from fear—persecution begins only when the object is feared; a close analysis will show that anger springs from a vague sense of fear of the thing which causes the anger—a thing that is not feared causes amusement and derision rather than anger. Analyze closely and you will find that all of these negative, hurtful thoughts bear a close family resemblance to their parent—Fear. And if you will start in to work and will abolish Fear the foul brood of youngsters will die for want of nourishment.”

The antidote to fear is only one: the development of inner power. Hence our emphasis on it.

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