Feeling is living thought

Last week I shared a quote from Atkinson, and within it, it was this paragraph:

“But right here, remember, first, last, and all the time, that it is not a mere matter of thinking—but a matter of feeling. Thoughts are cold, but feelings are warm, alive and vital. Therefore you must not merely think “I Am Strong,” or say it like a parrot—but you must stir up your nature to its depth, until you can really feel that you are indeed strong and possessed of the radiant energy of mentative force. Feeling is living thought.”

This concept is so important that I feel the need to develop it a bit further.

It’s very common to say that you need to have positive thoughts, or that you attract what you think, and so forth.

And that’s partly correct.

What people don’t really understand is the part about the feeling and Atkinson said it extremely well: “Feeling is living thought”.

Your thoughts don’t live only in your head.

No, they have repercussions in your body, energy and emotions.

It’s all connected.

It’s not like you think something isolated of everything else. Our bodies are extremely complex, but if there’s one thing we know is that it’s all connected. Everything influences everything.

When we think, it also has consequences in the body and energy. And vice-versa.

But this is also why you can’t merely “think” in your head and hope things change in the external world.

That’s also the biggest takeaway of why affirmations don’t work like that.

If you only repeat a sentence in your head, it will only be empty words. Like shooting blanks.

There’s no energy behind it.

Your body is feeling something, you have a certain energy quality, yet, the words in your head are saying something completely different.

As always, the strongest feeling wins. What you are feeling in your body and energy will prevail over an empty thought.

For an affirmation to work, you need the “living thought”. You need to feel the affirmation all over your body. It must be REAL to you.

Your thought must affect your body and your energy if you are expecting something to change. There’s no way around that.

The same thing with manifestation. Manifestation requires you to embody what you want to achieve. It’s not enough to visualize something. No! You need to live it within your body and energy.

Only this way the vision becomes alive.

That’s why this awareness over what you feel is so important. It’s behind everything in your life

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