Feeling the energy of someone else

On the last email we wrote about feeling energy inside of you. That there are specific signs to look for the energy that you uncover as the training goes on.

But how do you feel the energy of other people?

Feeling the energy of yourself is different than feeling the energy of others, even though, you naturally feel everything inside of yourself.

For you to start to feel the energy of others you must already know your energy quite well. You must understand your specific energetic reactions before attempting to understand the energy of others.


The reason is quite simple.

If you don’t know your own energy then it’s very easy to confuse your natural internal energetic reactions with the energy reactions that someone else is causing.

Usually what someone else is causing you is different than what you would naturally feel on that occasion.

So you must know yourself quite well to differentiate one thing from another.

Also, feeling is not the same thing as observing.

You are not exactly describing the movements and what other people are doing to feel their energy. This is a common mistake in energy training.

You are feeling them – not describing external movements.

Hence, you may focus on specific parts of the other person – such as their voice – but you don’t need to describe their voice (as valuable as that is for other purposes). Instead you are feeling it.

You are noticing what actually reacts inside of yourself, what type of energy appears and how it moves.

Hence, you are better able to know what happens and what the other person causes in you. Then you need to distinguish whether this reaction to the other person energy is natural in you or if it’s bringing up unconscious material that you associated with a similar type of energy.

You want to be as objective as possible – knowing very well that we are working with perceptions and being 100% objective will never be possible.

Still, you are able to differentiate quite well the type of energy of someone else and whether it’s compatible with yours or not.

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