Fixed gaze vs Computer Screen

A student asked me whether doing the fixed gaze exercise or staring at a computer screen for a while is the same thing.

It’s not a ridiculous question as it may look. In fact, the thinking is quite clever.

After all, the physical aspects are the same. You are unblinking for a long period of time, you are staring often at a same place or a similar point and your eyes are can be quite open.

So it should be the same effect. It would mean that everyone who is staring at a computer screen most of the day should have the good effects from the fixed gaze exercise.

The first thing to be aware about is that magnetic gaze is not just about eye exercises and particularly it’s much more than just the fixed gaze. If the fixed gaze was enough to get you a magnetic gaze there would be no need for anything more. That would be the only exercise.

Even though the fixed gaze it’s a powerful exercise, we all know that’s not enough. There’s energy, there’s projection, there’s breathing, and so forth.

Secondly, there’s a question of intention and Will.

The intention you place on an exercise will modulate your results with the actual exercise. We all know the intention is powerful. So it’s important that it’s well established what you want to get out of it.

You don’t have any eye intention when you are staring at a computer screen.

Thirdly, and most importantly, it’s about the energy!

When you are looking at a computer screen your eyes have no energy. Your energy is inside in your mind, not in your eyes. The eyes are only a means to an end. You are thinking about something else that you are staring at. You’re not focusing on the eyes.

While on the fixed gaze, the energy is in the eyes, not anywhere else.

This makes all the difference in the world in terms of results.

In the magnetic gaze you want to bring the energy to the eyes. You want your eyes to be glowing with the energy. Hence the importance of the exercises and that’s why you shouldn’t be thinking about your lunch break when you are doing those exercises.

You need to be fully focused on your eyes. Only this way the energy will rise to them and start to glow!

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