Fixing your mind in a quality of energy

Prentice Mulford wrote:

“There is a possible state of mind which, if permanently kept, will draw to you money, lands, possessions, luxuries, health and happiness.

[…] There is another state of mind which, if permanently kept in, will drive prosperity and health from you.

[…] What you think you actually make. You are making these unseen realities continually as you think. If you think of anything but a second you make that unseen reality for a second. If you think of it for hours, days and years, you will in some way bring that reality to you in the physical world.

[…] The power to fix the mind persistently on some definite purpose, or in a certain frame or mood is not very common. […] Many cannot fix their mind on any useful purpose for two days in succession. It is this thing earnestly desired today, something else tomorrow.

Their mental forces pull a little while on this thing, abandon it, then pull a little on the next whim or fancy and abandon that. There is no steady pull or exercise of drawing power on any one thing.”

This quote is as true now as it was in the day it was written more than a century ago.

Most people haven’t really understood it. It’s not about thinking happy thoughts or meditating on a ferrari.

It’s about your own quality of energy. You can be forcing yourself to think “positive” yet have a completely negative energy that will only attract negativity into your life.

So, it’s less about the CONTENT of the thoughts, and much more about the QUALITY of them. What is their energy? What is your overall energy behind the thoughts?

And then the goal is to maintain that quality of energy throughout your everyday life. If you are only keeping it during 20 minutes in the morning in some exercise, then it won’t have any long lasting changes.

You want to maintain it for your whole day everyday. This permanent shift of energy is the only way to change what you attract to your life.

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