Following your emotions

On the previous email we talked about how we shouldn’t always follow your energy – what you feel inside is not gospel and shouldn’t be blindly followed.

You need to learn to differentiate the different ways the energy is speaking with you so that you can focus on the type of energy that matters for you.

But how about emotions?

If you feel anger should you always act on it? Or sadness? Or jealously?

This is the same principle, but it’s important to clarify it.

Mostly because it’s all connected. We spoke about energy on the previous email and also about thoughts… with the emotions is the same.

Besides, as all students of Will Mastery know, emotions, thinking and energy walk hand in hand. They all work together.

When you have a strong emotion, you’ll have a strong movement of energy and the thought associated to that emotion won’t take long to pop up.

So the same answer as given to the previous email will work here. You shouldn’t take your emotions as a divine impulse.

Just because you feel anger toward your boss’s decision, it doesn’t mean that you should immediately scream at him.

Not at all! You won’t be a member of this society for long.

You should be aware of that anger, but not necessarily act on it.

Becoming aware is different than acting on it. You can become aware of it and of all the energy it generates inside of you, without the need to have any kind of behavior.

That’s a skill you learn in Will Mastery, since the Will is paramount in this situation.

The Will is what allows you to act the way you WANT to act towards the aim that you are in fact interested in achieving.

But for that, you need to know yourself. To know the way your energy moves inside, the way your emotions work, the way your thoughts work. Then you know what is conductive to your objectives and what is not.

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