Are you forever stuck in the friend zone?

Here’s an interesting question from a reader:“Once you are in the friend zone, are you forever stuck in there?”

This is a common assumption. Once you are friends and the other person sees you as merely a friend (and not a lover), then you’ll never get out.

This is a right assumption on most situations with people that don’t work with any of these type of techniques.

Once the other person categorizes you in his or her mind, then yes, it’s hard to get out.


If you are improving yourself and developing your own sexual energy, then this situation is definitely not permanent.

When you develop your own sexual energy and you can project it, then this friend zone situation quickly changes.

It’s only natural.

Instead of being with you and feeling the “friend energy”, she or he will feel the sexual energy. Hence, it will only be a manner of time until your situation changes.

I’ve seen situations that this can change in a manner of hours.

The “boxes” other people put you in, it’s all about the energy you are projecting. Once this energy changes, so will your “box”.

But you do need a true energy change.

It’s not just about acting differently. It’s FEELING differently.

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