From non-magnetic to magnetic

In your daily life I’m sure you have your default behaviors, thoughts, actions and words.

We all have them.

There’s a pre-established default way of thinking, feeling and behaving.

This is the way your brain saves energy. Overall it wants homeostasis, less effort.

That’s why it doesn’t take much energy to stay the same and it takes more energy to actually change something in you.

Change overall is hard, since it’s a conscious effort. You need to spend more energy to change something than to stay the same.

So particularly when training to be magnetic, where you are pretty much forced to become aware of your thoughts, feelings, emotions and behaviors, it’s normal that it’s not as easy as other types of changes.

It involves your being in it’s full range of expansion.

Up to a certain point, you were in your homeostasis type of energy management; then you started the training and your brain was forced to work harder and have a larger energy expenditure.

But… this is only the beginning of the training where everything seems harder.

When you evolve to a place where awareness of your thoughts, feelings, behaviors is your “norm”, then you know you’re in the right place.

It’s not like it’s always hard. Not at all. At a certain moment, having magnetic thoughts, feelings, behaviors is your new normal. It’s no longer a struggle, it simply becomes your new homeostasis.

Most magnetic people are not struggling. Their default behaviors are simply magnetic. That’s where you want to go. Where most of your behaviors are magnetic without even thinking about them. You become unconsciously magnetic.

So the process goes something like this:

Homeostasis (Non-magnetic) -> Struggle/Change/Energy expenditure -> Homeostasis (magnetic)

From unconsciously non-magnetic behaviors, through a process of change, you get into unconsciously magnetic behaviors.

But change is inevitable. Awareness of your thoughts, feelings, behaviors is inevitable if you want to even know what you need to change.

And that’s what we do in this process.

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