From ZERO to Charisma

Here’s a question from one of our readers:“What’s the recommended path from someone with no magnetism and low self-esteem to a place of charisma?”

The first step is always to increase your Inner Power.

Charisma or personal magnetism can’t function without Inner Power.

Inner Power is the soil where the Magnetism will grow.

You can’t really project your energy, influence and inspire others if you can’t control yourself, control your thoughts, emotions, and connect to your own Will.

If you don’t have a consistent connection to your Will and control over yourself, your personal magnetism will also be erratic, meaning, you’ll have very little control over it. Some days you can be magnetic, while others your magnetism is ZERO.

I’m sure you want CONSISTENT MAGNETISM and not just be magnetic when the stars are aligned the right way, that HOPEFULLY is also the day of your big meeting or your big presentation.

So the “10 Steps to Inner Power” is the course to start with:

This training gives you ways you can learn how to consistently have control over yourself, your emotions, your behaviors and a start of leadership ability.

But that’s not the only thing it gives you. You also train your awareness over yourself. Only when you’re aware, can you actually control and influence.

The ancient Greek aphorism inscribed at the Temple of Apollo at Delphi (“Know Thyself”) is of extreme importance. While it seems secondary to what we really want (magnetism, influence, charisma), the awareness over yourself is what will allow you to change and grow in your own energy and mind.

Without it, you are like a leaf in the wind, influenced the whims of your subconscious.

Only when you have a certain degree of control over your own mind, are you ready to work with magnetic energy and other more subtle aspects of energy of your everyday life.

And this is where the Personal Magnetism training steps in.

Now after the initial training of Inner Power and control over yourself, you can work on the exterior aspects like having a powerful movement, controlling the energy of a place around you, having a powerful touch and so on.

This is where the fun starts!

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