Frustration and Personal Magnetism

In this work of personal magnetism there is a strong tendency for self-sabotage. Afterall, you are changing deep patterns of yourself. You’re bound to encounter resistance.

Frustration, anger, despair are common emotions in this work.

You may be frustrated when you can’t perfectly change what you want to change.

You may feel angered when you fail.

And you may feel desperation in those days where everything seems to go backwards.

Because of it, you may think your training is not working and you may give up the exercises.

But guess what…

It’s perfectly normal and part of your journey.

You will still have failures and bad days. Sorry to say, but that’s part of the experience of being human.

I wish I could tell you that once you start learning personal magnetism everything will be perfect. But no one can make that promise for you, regardless of the methods or techniques used.

That’s why you need to learn how handle those negative emotions and negative situations when they happen. Bad things will still happen, but your attitude towards them can be radically different.

That’s something 100% within your control.

If you know those emotions and bad events are expected, you can get ready for them and get ready to handle them. Thus avoiding the self-sabotage that normally happens.

Just because you feel bad emotions, it doesn’t mean your training is not working. Bad emotions are also part of our human experience and no method can take them away from you.

But you do learn to manage them.

Learning this control is bound to be a slow process. You are changing deeply rooted patterns. You’re changing something that most likely has been with you for decades. It’s hard to change from one day to the next.

That’s why I always think of personal magnetism as a work in progress and I know it will continue to be a work in progress until the end of my life.

So don’t get concerned about your bad days. They will keep on happening. You just need to continue past them without stopping your training.

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