Fundamental unblocking

Unblocking is a fundamental aspect of all magnetic training. Blocks are what keep your magnetism from being projected.

You can’t project if you are contracting internally somehow.

Think about it… magnetism is an externalization of your energy. If you need a mental picture for it, imagine that you’re having rays of light projecting out of your body.

And that’s the key: projecting OUT.

When you have blocks – regardless of the reason – the blocks are always a contraction. They are projecting IN (instead of out), which is the opposite of what you need for magnetism.

That’s why we do such heavy work in unblocking and working with blocks.

They are often the most crucial issue of why you are not magnetic.

Most likely, you have specific, large blocks that are making all your energy contracting, and hence, impossible to project outward – so other people can’t feel it.

Magnetism is always expansive and outward. Of course, there is other internal work to do, and we also want internal projection in many different ways. But if we are working on the impact with others, then you want to be able to project externally.

Later on, as your training evolves, you’ll have enough flexibility to work internally or externally as you please. But this is a conscious choice rather than something that happens unconsciously (like a block).

Nothing wrong with projecting internally, but make it a conscious work.

We have developed The Unblocking Process specifically to help you with this.

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