Gaze Expression of Your Full Power

The Magnetic Gaze is the expression of your full power and wanting inside.The gaze is indeed one of the most powerful means of influence. If you think about it, when you are talking with someone, regarding in which culture, you are looking this person straight in the eyes.

It serves as a point of attention.

So the more magnetic they are, the easier it is to impress your Will upon other.

The eye of someone who has developed the Magnetic Gaze is a powerful weapon.

As Atkinson says: “it conveys the strong mental vibrations direct to the mind of the other party, at short range.”

I’ve had a few emails of those who think this is manipulation and don’t feel comfortable doing it.

Yet, this is nothing more than going after what you want. In any kind of seduction, both romantic or professional, you’re constantly trying to impose your will over others.

That’s human nature.

The Magnetic Gaze only helps your Will to become stronger, like a laser beam.

If you’re a salesman, you naturally want to sell more.

If you’re a normal man or woman, you naturally will want to seduce those of the opposite sex more easily.

If you’re at work, you certainly want to get better working and salary conditions.

There’s nothing wrong with that.

What if you have a tool that can take this wanting of yours and make it easier to get?

It amplifies your Will, and makes it easier for others to do what you want to be done.

That’s the Magnetic Gaze.

To start developing your Magnetic Gaze, you can start with our Foundations course which will teach you all the basics to start working with the gaze:

Magnetic Gaze Foundations

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